Factory for Rent in Noida Sector-64

Industrial Building for rent in Sector-64 Noida is the extension of Sector-63, Noida, all blocks of Sector-64 are next to Sector-63, Noida. Sector-64 is easily approachable form the elavted road which starts from Sector-18, Noida, which reduces the travelling time of commuters. This sector also has the connectivity from Sector-59, metro station and after the starting of extension of blue line metro, the demand of the city has increase which in turns boosting the economic growth of the region, and also provides many jobs to the job seekers from various cities. Many job seekers prefers the city Noida over Gurugram, because of its direct and easy connectivity from all the neighboring cities, whether through metro line or by public transportations.  In the last decade, the city Noida has developed on a fast pace with the construction of elevated roads, expressways, metro lines etc. and due to these rapid developments, the city attracted many big giants all over the world. Factory  for rent in Noida Sector-64 has mostly occupied by electronic companies and garment exporters. Many Chinese, Koreans & other Multinational companies also establishing their Indian Industries in Noida and enhancing the name of Noida city in the whole world and fulfilling the dreams of our Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi’s initiative “Make in India”.

Demand of Warehouse for Rent in Noida Sector-64 is Increasing

Uttar Pradesh government has also taken many initiatives like they improved the supply of water and power in Noida city only to give wonderful platform for the growth of Industries in the city. There many factors like wide & smooth roads, ample parking spaces, superb connectivity and excellent infrastructure are behind the rapid development of Noida region. The Warehouse space for lease in Sector-64 Noida is also affordable to all size of companies. The rentals of Sector-64 are much more competitive as compared to other nearby regions. The law and order also plays the important role, to make the city crime free, there are many network of Police Posts in all entire city, and round-the-clock Police Patrolling has also been set up. The city Noida is also blessed by lots of greenery, which makes the city pollution free and more desirable place amongst industries for their establishments. The Industrial Shed for rent in Noida Sector-64 has all the required facilities and has fire fighting equipments as per the International standards, therefore MNC,s prefers this city for the growth of their business.

Plot Sizes & Major Industries in Noida Sector-64

Companies like Lava Mobiles, MCM Mobiles, Coperion Ideal, Om Books, Meenu Creations, Radiant Exports, Barco Electronic Systems, IRCTC, Nicholas Books, Milano Furniture are some major names of Industrial Companies in Sector-64, Noida.

The various plot sizes of Sector-64 and the approx. constructed area on each floor of the building are:

98 sq. meter – 800 Sq.ft. on each floor, Small Factory for rent in Noida Sector-64

200 sq. meter – 1,200 Sq.ft. on each floor, Factory space for rent in Sector-64, Noida

416 sq. meter – 2,500 Sq.ft. on each floor, Industrial Building for rent in Noida, Sector-64

800 sq. meter – 4,000 Sq.ft. on each floor, Industrial Property for rent in Noida Sector-64

1680 sq. meter – 8,500 Sq.ft. on each floor, Industrial space for rent in Sector-64 Noida

1800 sq. meter – 10,000 Sq.ft. on each floor, Warehouse space for rent in Noida, Sector-64

4000 sq. meter – 25,000 Sq.ft. on each floor, Godown space for rent in Noida, Sector-64

5000 sq. meter – 32,000 Sq.ft. on each floor, Garment factory space for rent in Noida, Sector-64

Companies can easily get the single floor, 2 floors together, 3 floors together or entire building on lease/rent, to operate their Factory for rent in Noida Sector-64.

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Factory for Rent in Noida Sector-64