Why Industrialist Prefer to Take Factory for Rent in Site-V Greater Noida?

Factory for Rent in Site-V Greater Noida has developed and emerging as one of the biggest and industrial cities of India with many benefits given by the UP government to make the city more attractive and easy for the industrialists to run their business. Many companies and industries from other states and countries are taking keen interest for the establishment of their profitable ventures, with many more advantages and facilities as compared to other nearby industrial areas. In the last few decade both the twin cities Noida and Greater Noida has gained much preference as it is easily approachable from the capital city Delhi through various traffic free routes and public transportation. The location also has the seamless signal free connectivity through 135 km 6 lane Eastern Peripheral Expressway which is India’s smartest highway, this expressway is also 24 hours operational for the heavy vehicles. The expressway helps to reduce the travelling time and aids in new economic activities.The main reasons behind the success of Industrial property for rent in SITE-5 Greater Noida are it’s economical rentals, availability of bigger spaces, wider roads for the movement of heavy vehicles, easy accessibility from other parts of ncr,  undisturbed water and power supply, greenery all around to support the industrial activities etc. The OPPO factory is located in the radius of 1-2 km from site-V, Greater Noida, hence the vendors related to mobile manufacturing companies can run their operations from Site-V. There are already more than 50-100 Chinese, electronic and multinational   companies are located within the radius of 10  km from the Factory for Rent in Site-V Greater Noida. Asian Paints is the biggest name of this location.

What are the Reasons for the Rapid Growth of Industrial Building for Rent in Site-V Greater Noida?

Industrial Building for rent in Greater Noida site V  has surrounded by all the essential places which are required for the smooth running of factories like it is easily approachable from hospitals, fire stations, police stations, hotels for the staying of foreign delegates etc. which are some of the reasons for the success of the location.   Warehouse space for rent in Greater Noida Site-V has built as per the norms of the Greater Noida authority to avoid the obstacles while running the Industrial operations. Greater Noida has connected with the ultra modern Aqua line metro which makes the travel more easier for the daily commuters from other cities,  due to the existence of metro, the traffic of roads also decreases and ultimately plays an important role to save the environment from pollution. Apart from attracting companies in the city, the job seekers are also showing their interest because of running metro. In the coming future Greater Noida will also have the International airport at Jewar which will not only reduce the traffic at Delhi airport but also create the job opportunity due to the existence of many big companies in the city. Likewise Industrial Shed for rent in Site-5 Greater Noida is also the gateway of Delhi Mumbai Industrial corridor, these mega projects will definitely have an amazing and powerful impact on the real estate of Noida and Greater Noida and makes the region wealthy and self dependent.

What Amenities are Provided by the Site-5?

Godown space for rent in Greater Noida Site-V has all the facilities like fire fighting equipments,  power load,  dock facilities, required height, ramps for loading and unloading,  wide entrance,  ample parking spaces,  bigger shutters,  etc. and they are also surrounded by maximum greenery to make the location beautiful and attractive and to support the industrial activities. Economical rentals, bigger spaces, cheaper labour, uninterrupted power and water, etc. keeps on attracting the big giants.

Available Plot Sizes for Factory Space for Rent in Site-V Greater Noida

Industrial Plots in Site -V Greater Noida has approx. 600 plots of 400 sq.mtrs, 500 sq.mtrs, 600 sq.mtrs, 800 sq.mtrs, 1,200 sq.mtrs, 1,800 sq.mtrs, 2,000 sq.mtrs, 3,000 sq.mtrs, 4,000 sq.mtrs, 5,000 sq.mtrs for the establishment of small and bigger industrial units.

Propworld Realty has wide range of properties available in Site -V,  Greater Noida which starts from 5,000 sq.ft. For maximum availability of Industrial Building/ Shed/ Manufacturing Unit/ Warehouse/ Factory for rent in Site -V Greater Noida.  For more details please call us at 9810000375 / 9811004272